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Chris Lema

VP of Products for Nexcess



On Demand Webinar

Exploring Magento 1 EOL Options

Whenever On Demand Your Desk!

End of Life for Magento 1 is June 2020. That means all support & patches for Magento 1 will stop, putting your store at risk. If you currently have a Magento 1 store you've probably already seen offers about migrating to Magento 2, the cost of which can be quite steep. Learn from our VP of Product about the right way to think about your next steps.

What is Magento 1 End of Life

When new versions of software are released, older versions are only maintained for a period of time. After that time is over, the software has reached End-of-Life. At that point, no more features or security patches are released, leaving the outdated software vulnerable to threats. Magento 1 will reach EOL in June 2020, so now is the time to understand your options and think about what to do next.

In this video you will:

  1. Be offered a practical understanding of what Magento 1 EOL means for you
  2. Discover the multiple options your store has going forward
  3. Evaluate which choice is the right one for you
  4. Learn about our new Safe Harbor product which will give you more time to make the right decision
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